There is only few 10 meters distance between two of the jetties of Bushehr Ports & Maritime Organization and Shimi Manbaa storage tanks. So, our clients can rest assured that they will have no loss of product when the storage tanks are loaded from the incoming vessel or they are offloaded into the outgoing vessel. Dedicated meters on each tank will inform the operator exactly how much product is being stored or released. Our carbon steel storage tanks can be heated for the storage and handling of high viscose products. In addition to this, they also have mechanical stirrers and recirculation pumps in order to make sure that there is a homogeneous fluid in the tanks, if so required
When it comes to delivery to your customers, Shimi Manbaa also offers road haulage either through the use of its own ISO containers or road tankers. Shimi Manbaa uses dedicated loading arms to avoid any contamination whilst discharging bulk chemicals. The use of electronic metering systems assures the operator to know exactly how much liquid is being loaded into each truck. The measurements are checked through use of a monthly calibrated weigh bridge.
ISO Tanker Loading Road Tanker Loading Weigh Bridge
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